main services

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    Our main services is to take great photos. Landscape, City, Street, Portraits and weddings

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    Sell our art on line

    Through our external website Here we publish our best shots for sale. Ofcourse you can buy them here or from our facebook account. Just drop us a mail and we will get back to you

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    Seminars and education

    Do you want to learn more about photography? drop us a mail and we will arrange a course or seminar

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    Tips & Tricks

    We will publish some cool stuff eg before and after and some simple hints to make your photo pop

services overview


Amazing Landscapes I started my photography in the landscapes


ConcertsThis is a new era that I found very fun and excting. Here is a shot from a concert with Alice Francis, her band played at Liseberg this summer. I was there with my Sony and the Batis 85mm. Took about 500 shots during this awesome hour


Welcome to the dark. Long exposure shots in the night has always inspired me

Tempel and buildings

The Temples in Thailand This is something that I really like to do, Tempel and nature