This is my latest work, Liseberg "Haloween Special" with the sweeping clouds. The photo has more than 500 likes in one day. It will soon be available in our shop at www.asterhall.se mail me for further details; magnus@asterhall.se

Skylines and Milky way

Now when the fall is coming up, there is always a chance to capture the milky way, today there where no clouds. so we went up to the bridge.  Photo for sale, limited edition. Mail me for further details; magnus@asterhall.se

Moon rising

October 7. Had to frame the moon downtown. It was a silence evening and only 5 degrees. I had the Batis25 mm and the tripod. So I went down and set up the gear. The long exposure is always fun, here is the exif info; 30 sec at f/11 and ISO200. Only some few edits in LR


This place has a relaxing impact. I can recomend a tour here


Smarholmen Onsala is a great spot to capture sunset, I have been here many times....omg the timelapse I made from here was aprox 1000 pics

One night in Bangkok

Benjakritti Park around 19.00 in the evening.

Chiang Rai, Thailand

The latest 7 years we have had the opportunity to travel around Thailand. Here is one great place you cant miss.. Its up in the mountain too, Chiang Rai