Au Lapin Agile

Rue Des Saules, Streets of Montemarte in Paris...Walking around for hours in this amazing Area. Paris really deliver.

Photo taken with the Sony A7III and Batis25mm. 1/160 at f/4.5. The Batis25 is an amazing lens. I use it for 85% of my shots. This is the piece if you want to be a rock star ;)

Château de Versailles

This was a real happening to visit this amazing Chateau. But you have to be patient. We waited around 2 hours just to enter. But when you are in, there are lots of beautiful statues, furnitures and paintings to view....and the lovely garden

Here is one view inside.


Sony A7 III, Batis 25mm. 1/160 sec at f/3.2 ISO100


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