3rd advent. We took our photogear and went to a new spot outside the port of Gothenburg. We placed the tripod with the #NiSi filter and did some shooting. This is one of the photos. 134 sec exposure at f/9,0 ISO 100. I prefer manual mode for this type of photography, its a little tricky, but steps are
1 compose
2 make the settings without filter, then
3 change to manual mode and calculate estimated shutterspeed
4 take the photo

Port of Gothenburg

Bring your camera and tripod and go somewhere. Those impulsive shots are like balm to your soul. Took this photo 14 dec. I changed to the Zeiss 55/1.8 and saw this frame when I was out on a bridge


exif; Sony A7III, Zeiss 55/1.8. 30 sec at f/9.0 ISO100. Manual mode. Only some few edits in LR


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