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27 November

I plan to built a webshop from this site. Stay tune for updates...

11 September

Summer is over in Sweden, and now im planning our next adventure to Thailand. I want to buy a new TiltShift lense, but im not sure they have any for my Sony camera...The last week one of my photos where sold to GP which I was really proud of. Next project will be the Batis 25mm prime lense, maybe I have to sell my Osmo...but not sure yet.

18 Aug
Festivaltime in Gothenburg and this saturday im also booked for my first weddingphoto. So this weekend will be more photostyle...When this is finished I plan to go downtown for the #Kulturkalaset and do some streetshooting and later in the evening also some conserts. Stay tuned for some more shots..

The "Best of Thailand" is an ongoing project, and I will put up the "Best-of-the-best" in this gallery, photos also available for buy, just drop me a mail and I will be back ASAP

I also change my phone now, "in the beginning" I was a HTC dude, but the battery was a real disaster, so I change first to Samsung Galaxy Series, but when I was moving to Sony from Canon, the wifi and Sony Play memory app didnt work, so that was the main reason why i change to Iphone. Now I got an oppurtunity to change to the new Galaxy S7 Edge + and the Sony App works very nice. so the project bicyle camera in now history, lol

7 Aug

Time for some streetphoto. During the trip to Thailand it was much about landscape and travel. But now I will do more street again. Im also booked for a weddingphoto. It will be nice, stay tuned for more info

31 July

Back home from another trip in Thailand. I have also bought me a new bicycle, so I will now start to blog about my exercises too.  

15 May

3 weeks with the new Batis now, and still very satisfied. I use it as an alround gear now for my art. Its even suitable for sunsets :). Im also using the 24-70/4 alot and I consider to buy a new Batis 18mm after the summer

8 may

2 weeks with the new Batis 85/1.8 lens, its really awesome piece they constructed at Zeiss. I read some reviews about it, but I never thought it should be so sharp. I shot mostly of my photos with the Batis now, Street, sunset, people..everything :) Its an alround lens and not only a portrait or modellens that many people think. 

I have set the target on street now on the upcoming spring. It has been some nice days with the camera. Yesterday evening I did a avenue walk and stoped by at the Fiskekörka and frame the sunset. 500 likes, really appreciated

23 April

Sold my Lumix I was thinking much about to buy a new lense for model and wedding, so when I had my 50 !? year birthday my friends at work collect some cash for me. It was between the new GM 85mm or the Batis 85. But I chose the Batis. The reasons where much about the weight but also a matter of cost...So from now I will shoot more with this piece to get familiar with it. Look at the Gallery for some samples

9 april

Did some longexposure photos and timelapse at Billdal. Im very satisfied with the Sony A7r, it performes really nice shots and has a huge dynamic range. I consider to sell my Lumix G7 and upgrade for the new G master lens 85 mm/1.4..Hope I will get some gifts at my 50 year

25 march

The NIK Collection is now available for free :) I was very lucky when i got this message, coz i was just to pay for this after using the trial version :).
Did some sunset shooting at Fiskebäck and also a short timelapse. Tomorrow we are going to Marstrand, and I hope i can deliver some shots from there later

6 march

Last chapter of winter...Really boring weekend, no photo or filming, but I made a manus for the taekwondo movie, this project I do for free for my Taekwon-do club at Frölunda. When we launch it, I hope to get some more clients :)

21 feb

Did my first Osmo movie. So far it works good, but it is still many things to learn, but i think it was a good choice to buy it, and i hope to post many more films here from now.

13 feb

Time to make the first Osmo movie, I will go and meet some models now at a coffeshop in Gothenburg. Will post some pics and a movie later

30 jan

Order the DJI Osmo from, this is a great shop that I can recomend, they are serviceminded, deliver in time and have always nice price for customers. So now I will do some more movie stuff, also some Taekwondo movies from our club. ( a site that also is built by me :))

16 Jan

-8 degrees but a clear and nice winterevening. I took my bag and went down to a place called "Nya Varvet" check out the latest photos in the Gallery / Nightphotos

9 Jan

The winter just reached Sweden. Just did some updates in the gallery section. Now time to capture the snow ;)

1 Jan

Silence after the storm...I took my A7r and went out for some shooting and got some nice shots. check it out in the gallery in the nightshooting section..

31 Dec

Did some fireworks shooting outside the opera in Gothenburg, See the Timelapse movie in the gallery section, pretty cool :) I consider to try the Final Cut Pro X or maybe Adobe Premiere Pro, but haven´t make any descisions yet...also about a new wide angle lense....maybe the 15mm/1.7 for my Lumix or 20 mm for my Sony

25 dec 

Did a short trip to Marstrand, walked around the Island in the storm, it was really awesome. Took some nice shots there, you can find them in the gallery.

Added som photos in the gallery section, those photos will be changed, I will also ad some more stuff eg reviews, tests, behind the scenes etc. so keep on visiting my site, Thanks

22 dec

Just married with my lovely Lek, this was a great moment in my life and I will publish some shots from the weddingday

Oct 2015

Spend 3 weeks in Thailand with my wife, photos will be uploaded in the gallery section