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Hi My passion for photography started in the early 80´s, when I shoud go to a concert with Ultravox. I bought an Olympus at this time. The camera has never left me since, although it has now been replaced by my Sony A7r 

I enjoy shooting landscape, nature, street, city, people, marine, food and nightshooting.

My goal is to catch the moment and bring long life memories in my art.

I live in Gothenburg, Sweden and in Bangkok, Thailand. I grew up in Marstrand, Swedish westcoast and have photo, web and graphics as an interest since I was a kid. I always bring my camera wherever I go.

10/1 2017, there is a Batis 25mm coming up soon in my bag..So happy that I finally could order it.


Updated 19 feb 2017

Al photos ©2017


Latest news

We just launched our new website. check it out here dudes.....

The new site will replace this one. But for a while we will use both, but the new one has also a shop for order Fine Art Prints

Best regards; Lek & Magnus

Petchabun, and my favorite 4 elements.

1. Drama

2. Landscapes

3. Clouds

4. Mountains


Photo from Petchabun, Thailand. A7r 24mm. 1/100 sec f/14 and ISO 100

1/1 2017. Happy new year. Here is a nightshot that I shot the first evening of this year. You can also find it in the gallery -Nightshots- for larger version

We are now building a new site for comercial stuff. It will also have a webshop for On-Line order.


27 Dec 2016.  Home again after an amazing trip to my wife in Thailand. we took about 2000 photos during our 2 week vacation.  

Here is one of my favorite spots from last year. Petchabun in Thailand, clouds, landscapes and drama ;) thats my gear


Fore more photos, take a look in the Gallery 

Petchabun. When you standing on the top and look at the view, its a magic feeling. Those shots are also available in the Gallery section -Landscapes

 Bangkok. Black and White Fine Art, shots are also available in the Gallery section -BW

Petchabun, Landscape BW drama, almost same as above but kind of infrared style

shots are also available in the Gallery section -BW


Bangkok, Black and White Drama. shots are also available in the Gallery section -BW


APM Terminals, Gothenburg. shots are also available in the Gallery section -Nightshots

Big Buddha, Shot from the Golden Triangle, the amazing place in the north of Thailand where Thailand, Burma and Laos meets.

It is unfortunately one of the largest areas in the world for Opium Farming. Aproximately 900 tons/ year

Source; Wikipedia